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Our Mission

Safety, environmental protection, lean and efficient

Based on product quality and based on value creation. In the practice of creating excellent quality and improving comprehensive strength, we will promote the rapid development of enterprises, meet the development needs of the industry at the current stage, and promote the deepening of the application of polyphenylene sulfide fiber products.

corporate vision

Be a first-class enterprise in the industry

Build an innovation-driven first-class PPS fiber solution provider.

entrepreneurial spirit

The pursuit never stops, quality creates brilliance

Innovate and change, maintain the leading action mode, adapt to the changing market demand, and lead the industry development trend with excellent quality and innovative technology.

company culture

Pattern Mission Ingenuity

With professional skills, adhere to ingenuity in production, seize the excellent opportunity to surpass in the competitive market, and promote the construction of a green environment and the innovative application of PPS fiber.

Brand strategy

Adhere to independent research and development to benchmark the international market

Relying on its own rich innovative technology and research and development strength, it keeps up with the development trend of the industry, creates environmentally friendly, safe and high-quality PPS chemical fiber new materials, occupies a place in the international market, and injects momentum into the green development of the industry.