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The main application of PPS fiber

Jul 05,2023 | 重庆普力晟新材料有限公司

Filter materials with special functions, such as filter fabrics for industrial coal-fired boiler bag filter chambers. Because of its long-term exposure to acidic environments, it is one of the few fiber materials that can be used in high-temperature environments and is resistant to abrasion. In addition, it has a high melting point and is excellent in harsh chemical and thermal environments. The stability of pps fiber provides several other potential applications, such as paper machine drying cloth, another possible application of its staple fiber is to make special paper for the electronics industry; the heat resistance and heat resistance of pps Low moisture content is also worthy of attention. Needle-punched felt of pps fiber or woven fabric of yarn can be used to make special filter media to filter hot and corrosive reagents. In this application, pps has high temperature resistance, organic reagent resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. Attention is paid to death. Our company's short fibers are all produced with foreign new materials, and the quantity is large.